Monday, April 18, 2005

kids can teach you loads!

Never let it be said that it's too late to daughter has just taught me that... dissecting a jaffa cake is the only way to eat!

First you bite around the edge

Second you pick off the chocolate with tongue, teeth and fingers.

Thirdly you lift the filling from the cake with your tongue and reserve until later, then (well i did!) you dip the sponge in your glass of white wine and suck.

Finally you place the slippery disc of jaffa filling onto your tongue and enjoy!

Way to go!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

sunday morning after the fone went!

So.........the telephone rang at 6.59 this morning (SUNDAY!) automated voice that i couldnt understand, when i called the Sh*t back who had woken me up at 7 oclock i got told Id "rung an imaginary number and to rotate my fone 90 degrees and try again"........... I guess its probbly cost me 50 quid to do that ring back but we shall see.........


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Vaisaki fest

Wonderful day spent wandering the streets of town to the beat of Bangra drums and sikh prayer, happy, smiling, cheerful, generous people celebrating their faith and coming together as a community. handing out drinks and snacks to anyone passing by.,

The parade ended up back outside the local gurdwara and the friends we were with included us in their celebration and we were given food cooked in the gurdwara, fantastic chickpeas and veg curries with sweet rice youghurt and chapati and those lovely syrupy batter sweets whose name I forget.

great day thank you Hapi

Friday, April 15, 2005

to Blog or not to Blog

so ..........does one blog when one is under the affluence of incahol...and yes i do know a guy who once said to a police woman i haven't had **** all night drinkstable

thank you and good night

Thursday, April 14, 2005

"I hate it when guys shave off their moustache. Their faces look so bald. Remember when your dad would do it after 15 years and you'd be like, "Who the fuck are you?"...........................i stole this from raymi the blogger according to tony! married to a guy who shavedoff his moustache after 15 daughter said........................"*"

you need to ask!

hope plagiarism rules dont apply to blogging if they do then forgive me raymi

busy day

busy day dunno what to type on a good note since yesterday maths tutor says my course work is fine just needs a tender tweak...........dont we all?!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

the day after the dishwasher debacle

how come it is that i have NEVER forgotten to feed my kids or at least check that they have eaten yet they can forget to load the dishwasher after meals? It's not right it's not good and something has to change!

3/4 of a day in my lap

OK so my son truly IS an asset and charming, and not having any problems as far as his tutor knows and OH YES he would love to have him involved in his drama club! That son hit me after this little interlude is another matter.

Since then I have visited my mother and had a nearly row over sibling rivalry..... Im 42 for goodness sakes. Son has ensconced himself on his computer and is refusing all hints to start a blog of his own, he will learn. Or is blogging just something that happens when all of life's chat rooms close down?

Chat rooms now theres a thing! I was an addicted chatter on excite for several years and if anyone knows anyone who used to use old excite VP chat UK then contact me. I know everything has reaches a peaks but finding that excite chat had finally closed its doors felt as if my favourite pub had been boarded up and the key thrown away. Chat treated well is a safe calm and frequently theraputic environment in which you can give away as much or as little of yourself as you like...............hey that definitely is like blogging........I think I'm going to like this.

Addictive who said this was addicitve?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

day 1/2 in a lap of havoc

Not long enough between last entry and this one, ie i went to bed very late and it's now very early in the morning. the question is to blog or not to blog, what to reveal and what to keep secret.

Ok so since logging on I have learned how to save as a draft and edit my profiile, things are looking up.

Today is my day off and I have to visit sons's school, oh I hate those moments, working in a school I understand the things teacher's really think about your children, and know what is going through their head as they smile sweetly and tell you your child has potential, and is an asset!

OK so onwards and upwards time to shift out of bed.

In the Lap of Havoc day 0

OK! so it's 22.42 and for some reason known only to me and a half bottle of Bacardi I have started to blog!
If I knew what blogging was it would be a start! I seem to have to keep retyping if i navigate away from the page. I'm sure all will become clear as I become accustomed to this thing!
Now! a point of note my typing is shoddy at the best of times so I dont want anyone to ask me what the 1111s are for they are intended to be !
and on that warning note I am heading for bed as i shut this thing it may well disappear forever but let's just see

Night night